Crucifying Zach Wilson isn’t going to resurrect Aaron Rodgers

Crucifying Zach Wilson isn’t going to resurrect Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets fans can be mad at a lot of things — ownership, whatever made them a Jets fan, the New England Patriots, Robert Saleh, the sky, the dirt, the turf — but not Zach Wilson. Yes, he’s an atrocious quarterback right now, and will probably be as long as he’s in New York. He’s not a starting caliber QB, but that wasn’t what the plan was this year.

The idea was for Aaron Rodgers to run around with his porn stache and end decades of suffering. That didn’t happen, and now it’s back to Wilson, back to misery, and back to getting beat by Bill Belichick. It sucks that the dream only lasted four plays, but what’s the use in getting pissed at a backup QB for playing like a backup QB?

This is the NFL; there is rarely a miracle or mystery guy waiting in the wings. Kurt Warner and Brock Purdy are outliers, and even if a viable option existed, this coaching staff is not going to pull a Kyle Shanahan. If Jets fans want to throw a fit and break stuff, go to a rage room and vent your frustration like the rest of the psychos who struggle with anger management.

Simply asking a gangrene supporter how they’re feeling is gaslighting but also enabling. They’re going to be perma-triggered, and it was funny during the first week, but I’ll agree to take it easy on Mike Greenberg if Jets nation cuts Wilson some slack. (Rodgers is fair game as long as continues to make Pat McAfee appearances though.)

I can’t believe I’m coming to the defense of a seemingly entitled brat in Wilson, yet nobody likes a bully, and the critiques haven’t been constructive for some time. I watched portions of the Jets-Patriots game Sunday, and I felt bad both for Wilson and the guy who lost his teeth.

What a miserable experience — it’s pouring, the game is sloppy, and the Patriots aren’t playing well either, but the worst part is a win is still in reach. All New York needed was a break or two on offense, that’s it.

Personally, I’d rather get blown out and allowed to get on with my day than be strung along. There is no more maddening existence as a football fan than rooting for a squad that has everything except for a quarterback. Seriously, I’d rather have Nathaniel Hackett calling the plays than Wilson running them.

At the same time, would you lose all humanity on a child for spilling milk? You wouldn’t kick a defenseless dog, so why is it OK to attack a quarterback who has so little confidence that he gives himself up for a sack prior to being touched?

You, me, the mailman, Bob from the hardware store, Aunt Shirley, everybody knew the Jets’ offensive line was suspect, so this shouldn’t be super shocking. Again, the plan was for Rodgers to cover up for any and all deficiencies.

Wilson isn’t going to do that, and neither is Trevor Siemian. You’d think for a fanbase that has suffered so many lost seasons, they’d be a little better prepared for this, and have some poise when it went to hell. That or go catatonic.

The reaction to Wilson’s ineptitude comes off as if he’s replacing Rodgers on a 10-4 team headed to the postseason. That couldn’t be further from reality, and no logical person should expect the young signal caller to develop greatness via osmosis.

This sounds asinine, but Jets fans should be thankful for the timing of the injury. At least Rodgers went down in the first game, and not a couple of weeks before the playoffs, with the organization — and fans — close enough to real success to believe in it.

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