Travis Kelce breaks down his Taylor Swift-centric Sunday. Was it enchanting to meet her?

Travis Kelce breaks down his Taylor Swift-centric Sunday. Was it enchanting to meet her?

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Travis Kelce brought this on himself and he knows that. That was his insistence, at least, on the podcast he hosts with his brother. On this week’s episode of New Heights, Jason Kelce and the most-talked-about bachelor in America dove deep into how the Kansas City Chiefs tight end went from a Hall of Fame-bound player to an object of the country’s biggest fandom. In case you’ve been living under a rock, rumors started circulating a few weeks back about the single Kelce’s possible romance with Taylor Swift. You know, Taylor Swift, the singer that just sold out football stadiums more consistently than NFL teams ever have.

Kelce was egged on by his brother, the Philadelphia Eagles’ center, but truly no new details about a possible romantic relationship between the 12-time Grammy winner, and 8-time Pro Bowl selection came to light. Kelce fully recognized his ability at “shooting his shot” with the global music star. Swift was on camera more times, from the Kelce family suite, during the broadcast of Sunday’s Chiefs game against the Bears than times Justin Fields did something stupid, if you can believe it. That’s the huge part about whatever is going on between Swift and Kelce. It’s good for business. If it’s just for show, which can’t be eliminated, it gets more eyes on the Chiefs after the post-Super Bowl doldrums usually kick in. And Swift has the movie version of her tour concert hitting theaters on Oct. 13. And just a few weeks ago we were all worried about Kelce’s leg injury for fantasy football reasons. How trivial of us.

And then the Kelce brothers looked back on the moment Travis scored a touchdown and Swift jumped for joy next to Mama Kelce. Patrick Mahomes later said he felt a responsibility to get Kelce a touchdown during the game. It may not have been the only way Kelce scored on the day. Kelce also admitted to being on the “roller coaster of his life” by being attached to one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. There are only a few athletes that could’ve ever claimed to be in the orbit of where Swift currently exists. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Barry Bonds. And Kelce was no doubt not one of them, until he was intertwined with Swift.

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