ESPN and other networks need to chill with all the Cowboys propaganda

ESPN and other networks need to chill with all the Cowboys propaganda

The Dallas Cowboys are off to another hot start, and the hype train has kicked into high gear after two impressive wins to start the 2023 campaign.

Over the first two weeks of the season, Dallas obliterated both New York teams by a combined score of 70-10. There’s no denying they look dominant, but let’s slow down a bit. Their first real and possibly biggest challenge of the regular season comes when they travel to the Bay Area to face the San Francisco 49ers on Oct. 8 So, it might be wise to hold off on crowning the Cowboys until after that game. Both teams could be undefeated when they square off.

We’re already hearing all the usual fawning over Dallas early in the season when the teams they’ve played haven’t been on the same level. It’s not that the Cowboys aren’t good, they are. But let’s be honest for once: The Giants aren’t great, and the Jets were minus their savior, Aaron Rodgers. They were forced to depend on Zach Wilson to run the offense.

So, whatever company juice Pat McAfee is sipping at ESPN, he needs to sit that red cup down. Dallas’ next two games are against Arizona and New England. The Cardinals seem to be on their way to claiming the No. 1 pick in the 2024 draft, while the Patriots are pesky but also flawed at the position that matters most.

ESPN might as well be the movie “Groundhog Day.” Many of their analysts build up the Cowboys all year and sell them like they’re the most dominant, most potent team in the league. They build ‘em up only to set them up for the fall, allowing Stephen A. Smith to go on “First Take” and gloat after they fail to reach the NFC Championship game once again. It’s been the same formula for years.

Dak Prescott has played well, but realistically, he’s had one really good game. He was good, not spectacular, against the Jets in Week 2. In the season opener against the Giants, the Cowboys’ defense jumped on them so quickly Prescott didn’t have to do much. However, Prescott does deserve major credit for cutting down the interceptions early on, as he’s thrown zero picks thus far. So, Prescott should be given a shout-out for that, but let’s chill with all this talk about “playing his best football” when it’s been two games, and one was just alright.

When Week 5 rolls around, we’ll see precisely where the Cowboys are against the 49ers, and again when they face the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks later. Although as division rivals, they could easily split the season series like last season. Dallas also travels to Buffalo and Miami in back-to-back weeks in December, which should be good measuring sticks for this squad late in the season.

But still, let’s slow down the propaganda after only two games against lesser competition. Yes, they’re all NFL teams and players, but as with anything else, there are always levels. The Giants, Jets, Cardinals, and Patriots aren’t on the same tier as the Niners, Eagles, Bills and Dolphins.

The bottom line is that jumping out too far on the Cowboys after two weeks will only lead to disappointment. Simply go back and look at their history over the past couple of decades, and you’ll see a pattern.

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