Don’t blame us, we tried to warn everyone about Dallas

Don't blame us, we tried to warn everyone about Dallas

Well, well, well. I knew it was a matter of time, but wasn’t expecting it to happen this soon.

The past two weeks, talking heads at ESPN and other networks have thrown up on themselves talking about how great the Dallas Cowboys looked against the Giants and Jets. Their Week 3 tilt with the Cardinals was supposed to be nothing more than a formality on Dallas’ path to 3-0. But, like I stated just days before this game, everyone needed to slow down on crowning this team too soon.

Low and behold, a few days later, the Cowboys strolled into Arizona way too confident and caught a beatdown.

Whenever I have to point this out about the Cowboys, it’s like a dagger in the back of my 12-year-old self. Since places like ESPN tip-toe around it like Dallas hasn’t disappointed its fans for over a quarter of a century, it’s up to me to temper expectations for this team. Even if they go on to win 12 or 13 games in the regular season, you know the outcome when the playoffs roll around.

That divisional-round ceiling is a lot closer than it seems.

Of course, you’ll hear many excuses this week to shield the blow of a loss to the Cardinals. Calls that were missed or didn’t go in Dallas’ favor, and things of that nature. None of that changes the fact that the Cowboys lost by 12 points. Their great defense had more holes than Swiss cheese, as James Conner averaged seven yards per carry for the Cardinals. We can’t blame that on Trevon Diggs being out with a season-ending injury. It certainly doesn’t help moving forward, but the Cardinals trampled that Cowboys run defense.

Dallas is still likely to win around 11 games this year, but they’ll need to tighten up that run D quickly with a trip to the Bay Area on the horizon. After a Week 4 clash with New England, Dallas plays San Franciso in a rematch of last year’s divisional game. So, you know Dallas is in for a heavy dose of Christian McCaffrey. Then, those weapons on the outside, Deebo Samuel (day-to-day after suffering rib injury) and Brandon Aiyuk. And let’s not forget George Kittle down the middle of the field. This would be a challenge for the Cowboys with Diggs on the field.

So, before you morph into Drake and get all in your feelings, I’m not saying the Cowboys done as playoff contenders. In fact, they may still win the NFC East and host a game in the postseason. What I am saying is the same thing I’ve said for years: Let’s chill with the Super Bowl chatter. You know it, I know it…. it’s not going to happen. Whether you care to admit it is irrelevant.

The 30th anniversary of the last NFC title and Super Bowl is rapidly approaching. Don’t get mad at the messenger. I’m only pointing out the reality many of you don’t want to face. 

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