Texas Gov. Abbott vows to expand razor wire fence despite Supreme Court order allowing feds to rip it down

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has pledged to expand the razor wire fencing along the state’s border despite a recent Supreme Court ruling allowing the federal government to remove it. Abbott, joined by 13 other Republican governors offering resources and troops, claimed the fencing and aquatic barriers have significantly reduced illegal crossings in Eagle Pass. He emphasized the state’s commitment to expanding deterrence measures and protecting over 100 miles of installed razor wire fencing. Abbott criticized President Biden’s border policies, asserting that Texas has the constitutional right to address the migrant crisis independently.

The Texas governor highlighted the success of controlling the Shelby Park area, previously inundated with illegal crossings, and criticized Biden for alleged inaction. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, echoed Abbott’s concerns, describing the open border policy as a catastrophic failure. The group of Republican governors pledged support for Texas, emphasizing collaborative efforts to address border challenges and install barriers.

The governors argued that the surge in illegal migration, reaching a record-breaking 2,475,669 encounters in the 2023 fiscal year, necessitates immediate action. Abbott warned that tightening measures in Texas could redirect migrant and cartel activities to states with less stringent policies, such as New Mexico, Arizona, and California. While the governors’ stance has support, detractors accuse Abbott’s policies of endangering migrants’ lives and complicating border enforcement efforts.

The ongoing debate reflects the broader national conversation surrounding immigration policies and border security, with states taking varying approaches to address challenges and protect their borders.