You never go full heel

You never go full heel

Ted DiBiase Jr. (l.) has been charged in connection to the Mississippi welfare scandal.
Photo: Rick Scuteri/AP Images for WWE (AP)

Former WWE superstar Ted DiBiase Jr. has been charged in connection with the now-infamous Mississippi welfare scandal. As revealed in an unsealed federal indictment from the Department of Justice, the 40-year-old DiBiase Jr. was charged with the misappropriation of millions diverted from families in need in Mississippi. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s the same scandal that Brett Favre is alleged to be part of. (Favre has denied any wrongdoing.)

DiBiase’s alleged misdeeds revolve around awarding “sham contracts to various individuals and entities purportedly for the delivery of social services, including at least five sham contracts that were awarded to DiBiase’s companies, Priceless Ventures LLC and Familiae Orientem LLC,” per the DoJ release. DiBiase has not responded to the charges — one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds, six counts of wire fraud, two counts of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds, and four counts of money launderingand has not tweeted in over a month.

According to the release, DiBiase allegedly used federal funds to put a down payment on a house as well as buy a car and a boat. With 13 counts against DiBiase, a conviction would likely lead to a long jail sentence. There’s a maximum of 20 years in prison for each of the six wire fraud counts, as well as 10 years for six other counts involving money laundering and theft of federal funds. DiBiase’s conspiracy charge comes with a five-year maximum sentence.

Last month, his brother, Brett DiBiase, pleaded guilty to a federal charge related to misspending of welfare money.

Members of DiBiase’s family have previously denied the allegations and asked for a similar civil lawsuit to be dismissed.

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