Top 10 Super Bowl one-hit wonders

Top 10 Super Bowl one-hit wonders

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The tight end position isn’t what it used to be. Today, the position is more-or-less filled with big-bodied receivers who also do a little bit of blocking. This wasn’t the case during the 1981-82 season. Tight ends, with the exception of immortal Kellen Winslow, were almost entirely used as blockers. Bengals’ tight end, Dan Ross, was one of the few at the position during the time that could actually do some serious damage in the passing game, and that skill set came to fruition during Super Bowl XVI against the San Francisco 49ers.

Ross went off for 11 catches, 104 yards, and two touchdowns in the 26-21 loss. That’s the most receptions Ross ever recorded in a single game for his career. It’s the third-most yards he ever recorded in a single game, and it’s one of just three times the former Bengal, Seahawk, and Packer scored more than once in the same game.

The only reason Ross is so low on our list is 1) the Bengals still lost that game, and 2) much like Malcolm Butler, Ross was voted to the Pro Bowl the following season. That sort of lowers his viability as a “one-hit wonder.” That being said, Ross played in only nine games the season after Super Bowl XVI. He recorded the fewest receiving yards of his career to that point, so it’s not too far a mental leap to assume that Ross only garnered that recognition from the players and coaches voting for the Pro Bowl with his phenomenal performance in the Super Bowl. That being said, Ross did record nine receptions, 101 yards, and a touchdown in his final game, so maybe that performance stuck in the minds of the players and coaches when ballots were being handed out.

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