These damn big red boots are everywhere

These damn big red boots are everywhere

It’s a look.
Graphic: Complex/MSCHF

San Francisco 49ers star wide receiver Deebo Samuel was courtside in Phoenix Saturday for the Suns-Sixers game catching everyone’s attention rocking those goofy-looking big red boots. These MSCHF boots from the 2009 Astro Boy movie retail for as much as $350 and even more on sites like eBay. While they look silly as hell, these giant clown-shoe-looking monstrosities are usually the topic of discussion, no matter who wears them.

The big red boots have become the ultimate conversation starter for any social gathering, as all eyes are on the individual wearing them wherever they pop up. Sporting events, conventions, and parties have seen celebrities and regular everyday folk donning these boots. In February, WWE superstar Seth Rollins strolled out to the ring in a pair of these boots on an episode of WWE Raw.

Marketing for this novelty accessory is insane, as the boots have gone viral since being released on the MSCHF website last month. However, those looking for a pair will have to wait as they are currently sold out on the site. You can find them on the secondary market but could pay upwards of $1000 for these boots that will likely be an afterthought by fall.

It would be hilariously awesome to see Samuel wear these boots on an NFL field next season and go full Seth “Freakin” Rollins during pre-game festivities. The fine he’d receive from the NFL would be astronomical, but with all the extra publicity MSCHF would get, surely they’d be able to help him out with that following the spike in sales.

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