The warm glow of MLB Hot Stove’s warming glow — AL East

The warm glow of MLB Hot Stove’s warming glow — AL East

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Projected 2023 Payroll: Whatever’s leftover from the sale of Liverpool

Notable Free Agents: Xander Bogaerts, Nathan Eovaldi, J.D. Martinez, Tommy Pham, Michael Wacha, Rich Hill

Could they use Aaron Judge? If only for the schadenfreude to be enjoyed by all, but also yes, quite so

What else could they use besides Judge? Their ownership giving a flying fuck again, but that ship seems to have sailed. The Red Sox might lose a fuckton of offense in Martinez and Bogaerts this winter, and they’ll have to do something about that. Maybe they promised Trevor Story the shortstop spot when they signed him as Xander exited stage left, but then they will need someone at second. Triston Casas will take over at first, and looks to be the new Greek God of Walks (even though he’s not Greek, but that’s that tradition).

The outfield is truly sad, as right now it’s an Alex Verdugo-Enrique Hernandez-Rob Refsnyder look — and that’s a bad look. They could use help in any of the spots, both at the plate and with the glove, as their outfield defense was bordering on woeful last season. Does Judge cure most of that? Sure does! Give it to us!

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