The Steelers made Brock Purdy look like Joe Montana and Steve Young rolled into one

The Steelers made Brock Purdy look like Joe Montana and Steve Young rolled into one

Brock Purdy is having his way in Pittsburgh.
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The Pittsburgh Steelers defense made Brock Purdy look like the second coming of Joe Montana and Steve Young rolled into one. Seriously, Mr. Purdy was nearly flawless during the first two quarters, completing over 66 percent of his passes, connecting for two touchdowns with Brandon Aiyuk and 154 yards. Mike Tomlin’s defense had no answers for Purdy and the Niners’ offensive attack.

Purdy, who finished with 220 yards on 19-for-29 passing and two TDS, looks like he’s worthy of all the hype around his 2022 run late in the year. He’s only six months removed from UCL surgery, and he’s dropping dimes left and right like that back shoulder throw to Aiyuk for a TD in the clip above.

While Pittsburgh’s offense finally woke up and put seven points on the board at the end of the second quarter, a 13-point deficit against these 49ers isn’t ideal. If Purdy keeps this momentum going, expect the hype train around him to run off the rails and comparisons to some Niner all-time greats to follow.

You know how quick we are nowadays to anoint the next great QB, so expect some MVP mentions early in the year if Purdy continues to make plays and not mistakes. Based on their schedule, the Niners could be 4-0 by the time they take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5. Purdy could be some people’s leading MVP candidate if he’s playing this well over the first month of the year. It sounds wild, but we’ve seen stranger things in the NFL.

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