The games not to miss the final week of the NBA regular season

The games not to miss the final week of the NBA regular season

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When: 3:30 p.m. EST

Where to Watch: TBD

If any team between these two is fighting for postseason positioning on the final day of regular season it will be the Clippers. Paul George is out of the lineup and the Clippers are clinging with their fingernails to the sixth seed.

The Suns would be matched up with the Clippers in the first round of the playoffs if the season ended on Sunday, even though the Clippers have the same record as the Warriors. While those two teams fight for their postseason placement, the Suns have a 2.5 game lead on both for home-court advantage in the first round.

Maybe the Suns will take the foot off of the gas pedal, but then that would be another six days in which Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Ayton, and Durant wouldn’t take the floor with each other. Even if the Suns’ starters won’t play heavy minutes in that game, those players do need to be on the floor.

The consequences for a Clippers loss will be much more significant than for the Suns. Still, the Suns gutted their depth for Durant. They need to get their squad in sync as fast as possible.

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