Superior Bowl commercial: Inside Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl ad featuring Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler

Superior Bowl commercial: Inside Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl ad featuring Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler

Peyton Manning, TV funnyman, commentator and decent former NFL quarterback, is adding another commercial to his pantheon of ads leading up to Super Bowl 56. 

This time, though, Manning is joined by several sports greats and GOATs — and Steve Buscemi — in an ad for Michelob ULTRA that has been teased during NFL and other sports broadcasts leading up to the big game.

Here’s the ad:

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Superior Bowl commercial 2022

You heard of the Super Bowl (or even the Superb Owl), but have you heard of … Superior Bowl?

For those who spent their Friday night at the lanes, this commercial starring Steve Buscemi, Peyton Manning, Alex Morgan, 

The ad starts with Manning making his way to Superior Bowl, where Steve Buscemi is getting the lovely set of bowling shoes ready. Manning is met by golf star Brooks Koepka, Heat star Jimmy Butler (conveniently wearing Heat colors), former WNBA MVP Nneka Ogwumike and soccer great Alex Morgan.

(Worth noting: Manning is wearing blue, akin to his Colts uniform colors, while the bowling ball he rolls is orange, certainly a nod to the orange of the Broncos.)

While the foursome throw strikes down the alleys, they’re ultimately joined by tennis GOAT Serena Williams, who certainly seems to strike fear in the hearts of the rest of the Michelob-guzzling crew.

The soundtrack to the commercial is the apt “Showdown” by Electric Light Orchestra. Who doesn’t love some ELO? 

In years past, Manning has appeared in commercials for MasterCard, Nationwide, Sprint and DirecTV among others. Following the Broncos win in Super Bowl 50, Manning said he was going to knock back some Budweisers. 

Only fitting that he’s switching to another Anheuser-Busch brand in this year’s commercial.

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