Super Bowl 58: Why the Chiefs and 49ers are staying in Lake Las Vegas, not on The Strip

Super Bowl 58 Why the Chiefs and 49ers are staying in Lake Las Vegas, not on The Strip

The meticulous planning and stringent security measures surrounding the NFL’s Super Bowl are well-known, given the event’s monumental scale and significance. However, as preparations for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas unfold, the league’s decision regarding the accommodations for participating teams has attracted attention. Notably, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers won’t be lodging anywhere near the bustling Las Vegas Strip.

In the lead-up to the February 11th game, the NFL, alongside Las Vegas city officials and corporate sponsors, has been vocal about the anticipated benefits of hosting the city’s inaugural Super Bowl. Expected to yield substantial economic gains and draw hundreds of thousands of tourists, this event underscores Las Vegas’ emergence as a prominent entity in the sports realm. However, before attaining this status, the city faced decades of exclusion by professional sports leagues due to concerns surrounding its association with off-field attractions like gambling and nightlife.

Despite the city’s transformation into a hub for sports franchises and major events, the lingering shadow of its vices remains a consideration for professional sports leagues. Hence, the strategic decision to lodge the Chiefs and 49ers at hotels situated approximately 25 miles east of The Strip during their Super Bowl stay. These accommodations provide a quieter environment conducive to focused preparation, as affirmed by NFL executive vice president Jeff Miller.

Lake Las Vegas, the chosen location for the teams’ lodging, offers a tranquil setting amidst nature, featuring recreational activities like golfing, spa treatments, and boating. Notably, the absence of vibrant nightlife establishments in this area aligns with the league’s aim to minimize distractions for players and team personnel. The implementation of curfews further underscores the commitment to maintaining a disciplined environment throughout the week leading up to the game.

While both teams engage in practice sessions and media obligations, concerns about field conditions prompted adjustments to the 49ers’ practice venue. Despite these logistical considerations, the NFL remains focused on safeguarding the integrity of the Super Bowl amidst the allure of Las Vegas’ entertainment offerings and longstanding association with sports betting. Officials express confidence in the city’s ability to host the event responsibly, reflecting its evolution into a sophisticated and collaborative partner for major sporting occasions.