Stand by your (ex) man

Stand by your (ex) man

People really believe that Gisele Bündchen is a witch, huh? I guess there is a vocal segment of the population that isn’t familiar with the yoga, meditation, crystals, and stones crowd. Even though that was the lede, Michelle Ruiz’s entire Vanity Fair profile on one of the most successful supermodels to ever walk the earth was about far more than if she and Aaron Rodgers’ most recent ex-girlfriend are allegedly members of the same tribe. It’s about the cruelty of the modeling industry, navigating co-parenting for the last two decades, learning jujitsu with her children, and her quest for wellness.

The Brazilian model/actress/singer/businesswoman also talked at length about her divorce from Tom Brady. Bündchen shot down several rumors including one about her currently dating one of his friends, and the prevailing public perception that the divorce was filed due to Brady deciding to return to the NFL for a 23rd season. Bündchen even showed that even though they are no longer together, she remains an NFL fan. And her favorite player is still Tom Brady.

“It was tough, but you know what? Let’s just be honest. It’s a team sport and you can’t play alone,” Bündchen said to Ruiz about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 31-14 wild-card loss to the Dallas Cowboys. “I think he did great under the circumstances that he had. I mean, he had no offensive line.”

Bündchen defends Brady post-divorce

Married or not, Bündchen is still willing to do what Brady never would or will — blame his teammates for a loss. She did the same thing after the New England Patriots’ second Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants, but that time she was not talking to a magazine writer. She was a frustrated spouse, upset that his teammates didn’t carry their share of the load as Brady again lost to Eli Manning.

“My husband cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time,” she said at the time.

First, to the person who exclaimed “Eli owns your husband!” I know that it has been 11 years and there is a chance that you have grown as a person, but that was lame. You’re at the Super Bowl, standing in a hallway that celebrities are using, and your team just won. Enjoy a memorable evening. Don’t be an ass.

Second, we all know that infamous ball that Julian Edelman wasn’t able to haul in was a bad pass.

It was nice though to find out that Bündchen still sticks up for Brady. Not because he deserves it, but because it was an insight into their relationship. Yes, they are no longer together, but there is still a lot of love there. All she had to say was that it was unfortunate watching him lose that way, but no. She wanted it to be on the record that the father of her children is still a baller.

For all the denying of rumors that she did, that one quote was a clear glimpse at how she feels about him. Forget what it means for Brady, for her to be that protective over his performance is a good sign for her newest co-parenting relationship.

It certainly isn’t any evidence of her being a witch, regardless of what energy she believes that certain stones provide.

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