‘Spoilermakers’ eye Buckeyes in Top 20 clash, and many more goodies on a big Saturday

'Spoilermakers' eye Buckeyes in Top 20 clash, and many more goodies on a big Saturday

The What-If: No. 1 Georgia at Tennessee

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I know, I know. There’s no way, right? But if we don’t have hope, we have nothing, so play along with me for a moment here. The Vols are putting up over 450 yards per game. Yes, this will be put to the most extreme test possible against the best defense in the country by a mile. But they also have absolutely nothing to lose here, and they’re playing at Neyland. UT has been the story of the past month in CFB, notching a big win over Kentucky and keeping it close with Ole Miss. Dawgs QB Stetson Bennett has been slinging touchdowns all season, and Georgia’s offensive and defensive lines are both pretty much brick walls at this point. So yes, I know how improbable this would be. But the Vols’ QB Hendon Hooker — if he can get the ball out quickly before the pass rush — has put some real heart and talent into UT’s offense, keeping turnovers to a minimum and passing a lot (21 touchdowns over nine games) and, more importantly, accurately (his completion rate is even with Alabama’s Bryce Young, both in the top 20 for completion percentage). The Vols’ secondary will have to be all over Georgia’s WRs, and there would have to be some sort of divine interference, probably, but it never hurts to ask “what if?” If the Vols can keep it close and entertain us for the first half, I’ll be more than happy.

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