Remember the Aussie band Men at Work? Well, this guy isn’t

Remember the Aussie band Men at Work? Well, this guy isn’t

Imagine retiring rather than just getting the jab.

Imagine retiring rather than just getting the jab.
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Any day, Kyrie Irving could wake up, realize that he’s put his best intentions of standing up for individual rights in the wrong place by pitting that against public health, realize that he’s being used by some of the worst people in society, get the COVID-19 vaccine, and get back to his career playing basketball.

There might not be a ton of hope for it, but it’s possible.

Liam Jones doesn’t even want that possibility for himself, apparently.

The 30-year-old Australian football player announced his retirement on Sunday, as time ran out for him to get his two doses of the vaccine before the opening of Carlton’s training camp on Dec. 6.

Jones didn’t say that he was retiring rather than get the vaccine, but Carlton head of football Brad Lloyd left little doubt when he said, “We have been in constant dialogue with Liam in recent months and allowing him the time he needed to make an informed decision regarding his playing career.”

He made his decision. Exactly how informed it was… well… let’s just go with what Lloyd said, “We wish Liam all the best for the next phase of his life.”

Jones isn’t alone in Aussie idiocy, and not just because Irving was born Down Under. Adelaide’s Deni Varnhagen hasn’t gone so far as to retire, but the anti-vax defender — who is a nurse — was moved to the inactive list by the Crows. She’s also on unpaid leave from her job as a nurse due to being an idiot.

The Curse of Pole Assassin

Remember that the Cubs had already been losing for a couple of decades before the Curse of the Billy Goat took hold. Remember, too, that Texas had already been losing for a few weeks before a monkey belonging to Longhorns special teams coach Jeff Banks’ partner, a dancer known as Pole Assassin, allegedly bit a child.

Saturday night, Texas lost in overtime to Kansas — Kansas! — after rallying from a 21-point deficit in the second half. Again, against Kansas. Had not won a Big 12 game since 2019 Kansas. since Had not won a conference road game since 2008 Kansas. Had not won at Texas ever Kansas. That Kansas.

That’s five losses in a row for Texas, their longest skid since 1956, a season that ended with an eight-game losing streak after the Longhorns’ only win of the season, 7-6 at Tulane.

At least Texas won’t end this season like that one, with a loss to A&M. That will have to wait until the Longhorns and Aggies are reunited in the SEC. Luckily for Texas, Kansas won’t be joining them. But the Curse of Pole Assassin might. 

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