Paul Pierce speaks his truth on Dwyane Wade comparisons

Paul Pierce speaks his truth on Dwyane Wade comparisons


Paul Pierce, unsurprisingly, had something to say.
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Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce is known for running his mouth, especially since he retired, and became part of the media. Pierce has once again created social media buzz with his comments on the set of It Is What It Is with rappers Cam’ron and Mase. The Truth, which Pierce was anointed years ago by Shaquille O’Neal, went on to say the following about comparisons between himself, and Dwyane Wade.

“Put Shaq on my team, put LeBron, and Bosh with me. I’m not gonna win one?… Is he a better scorer? Ok, he averaged more points than my career. I can shoot the three.”

We’ve seen this often in the “new media” world, as Draymond Green calls it. You get athletes, especially those who are retired, on these non-traditional media platforms, and they tend to give more honest answers on how they truly feel. Even those still playing tend to feel a little more freedom on certain shows and express how they truly feel.

Pierce made some valid points but essentially used a phrase we all love at the end. “No disrespect, but…” He says he doesn’t “want this to be a knock verse on Wade” toward the end of his rant, but the damage is already done at that point. The Truth probably didn’t mean any disrespect, and even if Wade had no issue with it, a former teammate in Miami alongside Flash for all three championships didn’t take kindly to Pierce popping off.

Longtime Miami Heat enforcer Udonis Haslem had words for Pierce after hearing what he had to say:

“These podcasts have muhfuckas getting diarrhea out the mouth!”

Even in retirement, UD is still doing his part, playing his role, and coming to the aid of one of his brothers. Pierce may have been the better three-point shooter and was a bigger body, but because of what D. Wade accomplished as a two-way player, many fans, and players would go with Flash over Truth. It’s a close comparison, and you really can’t go wrong with either, as they are both legends in their own right.


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