Most impactful draft day trades

Most impactful draft day trades

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Dallas only had to move up four slots to draft Emmitt Smith, but that small margin could’ve been the difference between the triplets never happening and the Cowboys winning three championships in the 90s. Then head coach Jimmy Johnson only had to give up a third-round pick and swap spots with Pittsburgh, going from No. 21 to 17 to select the former Florida Gator.

Baltimore trades up for Lamar Jackson — 2018

Joe Flacco had gotten long in the tooth by 2018, and the Ravens needed to inject some youth into the huddle at QB. The Ravens traded up in ’18 to snag the Eagles’ pick at No. 32 and got their guy, Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson. Baltimore gave up three picks to get Jackson, but all were second round, or later. So, they may have gotten off lightly based on his performance thus far, and becoming league MVP in his first full year as a starter.

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