Make way, internet, Oklahoma senator has some fake outrage over Lincoln Riley

Make way, internet, Oklahoma senator has some fake outrage over Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley, back when Oklahoma still liked him.

Lincoln Riley, back when Oklahoma still liked him.
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Oklahoma Sooners fans are mad, including Oklahoma state Sen. Bill Coleman, who is looking to “honor” Lincoln Riley with by renam — wait what?! Say that again, internet, Coleman (R-Ponca City) is an Oklahoma State fan? And his planned backhanded slight of renaming a desolate 3-inch stretch of highway after the now-departed OU coach is just a publicity stunt? What fresh hell hath the internet wrought now?

Does getting sanctimonious about the way your rival team’s head coach left count as sanctimonious if you’re not outraged? Is me getting sanctimonious about fake sanctimony more sanctimonious than Coleman’s sanctimony? Have I written sanctimony so many times it’s lost its meaning? I don’t know, but here’s a gem of a quote from the Riley story about professionalism from the guy who just spent actual man hours crafting paperwork to rename 3 inches of highway because he didn’t like the way a person switched jobs:

“There is a level of professionalism that is expected to be adhered to. From all indications, professionalism was pretty much absent in how this departure was executed.”

Upon further Googling, Sen. Coleman owns Team Radio, a group of radio stations, including Sports Triple Play Radio 105.1: Sports talk with an ORANGE flavor. If you say that in a DJ voice, it’s way funnier. If you picture Bill Coleman saying it in a DJ voice, it’s even funnier. (Just to clarify, he’s an old white guy with bad facial hair if Oklahoma state senator didn’t tip you off to his race, gender, and general appearance.) It’s unclear if Coleman still takes turns filling the drive time slots at the radio station he owns, but from what I found he did do some broadcasting. How zany it was is uncertain, though. Regardless, let’s hope someone is still giving the good people of Stillwater timely, hard-hitting Oklahoma State news for their commute.

Also, if there was any doubt about Coleman’s affiliation/fake outrage, @OUFtball (no official ties with the University of Oklahoma) tweeted a picture of him at this year’s Bedlam game flashing the finger guns in a midwest chic OSU pullover-visor combo. Kudos to the “S-E-C you later” button a fellow Poke fan is holding in the photo. (Get used to it, Sooners fans, because you can expect a similarly classy welcoming from your new conference.)

The internet often seems as desolate a place as the stretch of highway Coleman wants to name after Riley, but when you come across stories like this from people like Sen. Coleman, it makes it worth it (kind of). I’m not going to sign off like the person in the story’s mentions who was upset Coleman wasn’t hard at work solving Oklahoma’s hunger issues, because I can’t beat my fist on the table and type at the same time.

Instead, here’s an official-looking tweet of the proposed legislation from the Oklahoma State Senate. Tax dollars hard at work (or something along those kickers)!

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