Jordan Love has the Pack eyeing their rightful spot atop the NFC North

Jordan Love has the Pack eyeing their rightful spot atop the NFC North

If multiple NFL franchises hadn’t combusted three weeks into the NFL season, more people would be talking about the Green Bay Packers, who appear to have another franchise quarterback. Jordan Love’s numbers aren’t eye-popping, yet he has a 7-1 touchdown to interception ratio and already plays with the poise of a vet.

There are very few QBs who get shut out for three quarters and are still able to solve a defense, especially one as good as the group in New Orleans. I walked by a trio of Packers fans after the win over the Saints on Sunday, and they were glowing to such a degree you’d think the group had just finished a three-hour orgy.

With all the piles of flesh and bodily fluids flying, a football game is comparable, but rarely do fans emit that kind of aura. New franchise QB energy is very similar to new girl or boyfriend energy, and this could be a honeymoon period, yet the coach and infrastructure in place leads me to believe this is real and sustainable.

The game-winning drive against a New Orleans team that hasn’t given up more than 20 points in nine outings and counting gave me chills. We’re a few days past the news cycle to recap it, so I’ll just give you the game-winning TD pass.

That came a down after the Packers ran a similar fade play, and it takes a load of faith in your QB to call that same look. Throw in Love’s refreshing elusiveness, and I know why Pack supporters were ready to dry hump the nearest block of cheddar Sunday.

Green Bay got a haul for Rodgers, resides in the always suspect NFC North, and after a quarter of the season, can be a game up on the division with a win over the Lions on Thursday. For all the hype that Chicago and Detroit received leading up to the season, it’s pretty comical that the franchise with a history of successfully developing quarterbacks — and a history of success — went overlooked.

Very rarely does an organization risk upsetting the status quo when the norm is the playoffs. (See Cowboys, Dallas.) The Packers fired Mike McCarthy and actually upgraded with Matt LaFleur. They drafted a replacement for Brett Favre, and it worked. They did the same with Love and Rodgers, and though he might not post a bunch of face-melting numbers, and earn as many accolades as No. 12, all Love has to do is match the number of Super Bowl wins — or should I say win.

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