It took a fight for people to talk about women’s college soccer

It took a fight for people to talk about women's college soccer

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If it wasn’t for a fistfight, would anyone be talking about this game?

Sadly, it took several punches to be thrown for a women’s college soccer game (an SEC Tournament matchup, no less,)to get more media coverage than normal.

Things escalated quickly as Ramsey Davis of Ole Miss and LSU’s Maya Gordon went from fighting for possession to actually fighting one another.

Davis grabbed Gordon by the waist and pulled her away from the ball to prevent her from gaining possession. She let go, Gordon swung, and the two exchanged blows.

That wasn’t all, though. As the referee, players and coaches tried to intervene, Gordon’s teammate Rammie Noel went sprinting over to Davis and appeared to grab the junior forward by the hair and pull her to the ground.

“There’s no place for that in the game,” the SEC Network announce team noted as a replay of the scuffle aired.

All three players received red cards, ejections, and reportedly a one-game suspension.

Ole Miss won 3-0 on penalties and the fight was not addressed by the schools or conference — only appearing. as a minor footnote in a recap on

The match was stopped in the 104th minute as tension between LSU and Ole Miss players came to a boiling point.

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