In defense of Mike Tyson, something can be old and cute

In defense of Mike Tyson, something can be old and cute

Alright, it’s time for a 36-year-old white guy to break down a TikTok of a 20-year-old man who looks like a toddler sparring with Mike Tyson. Yes, I’m just as confused as you because my first reaction when the video was dropped in Slack (you have to have a feed for it to come across your feed) was this is adorable. Tell me you wouldn’t have thought the same thing if, without context, you saw this clip of internet personality Hasbulla trying to break down Iron Mike’s defense.

Mike Tyson nuzzles on Hasbulla

To be fair to Tyson, I’d probably react the same way if someone who looked like they were 5 years old came at me with cute little fists of fury and a bucket hat. Just because something is old doesn’t make it not cute. I’d try to cuddle a koala bear if I ever saw one in the wild despite its appearance on the cute but deadly animals list. (Koalas were No. 9. The Slow Loris, a monkey-type animal with poisonous elbows, was No. 1.)

Baby Yoda is like 50 years old, but that doesn’t stop the Mandalorian or Peli Motto from picking him up and squeezing him like Elmyra. I’m pretty sure people were trying to pick up Gary Coleman until he was Hasbulla’s age.

If I’ve lost you between the Disney+, Looney Tunes, and Diff’rent Strokes references, now you know how I felt when the “We need something on Mike Tyson-Hasbulla” message got dropped in the writer’s room.

Hey, you learn something every day. Whether or not that information is useful is another discussion.

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