Idiot of the Month: New calendar page, same old dweebs

Idiot of the Month: New calendar page, same old dweebs

T-5. Kyrie Irving

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Kyrie Irving is not vaccinated, which means that he cannot play home games for the Brooklyn Nets due to New York City’s mandates. And since Irving could only be a part-time player, the Nets have told him not to bother showing up at all until he gets the jab.

Kevin Durant’s urging has not been enough to change Irving’s mind and get him back to basketball.

Nor has being lionized by prominent goofs like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. been enough to convince Irving that he is on the wrong side of this issue.

Now the Nets have started the season looking mediocre, with James Harden struggling to adapt to the NBA’s crackdown on exaggerated and unnatural shooting motions to draw fouls (it’s a pillar of his game!), and still, there’s no sign Irving will take the necessary and easy step to return to the court.

Instead, anti-vaxxers just keep trumpeting Irving as a hero, rallying around him with methods reminiscent of the Black Lives Matter protests that Irving did support — only, in this case, the protestors don’t get arrested, pepper sprayed, or beaten by the cops, because so many of them are cops. At least for now they are, because the vaccine mandate is going to cost a lot of the worst cops their jobs.

It’s clear from all this. It’s clear from his own abysmal attempts to explain his logic for bypassing the vaccine, and clear from his reckless behavior: Irving only cares about himself.

If he cared about his teammates, or about the people he’s around, or about the community at large, Irving would get the vaccine. But he doesn’t. He cares about being aggrieved. Sometimes, as with the BLM movement, that means Irving is absolutely right. There is, after all, a lot to be righteously angry about. Irving either can’t tell when he’s wrong, can’t admit when he’s wrong, or both.

So, even with every reason to get the vaccine, Irving won’t, because he’s making a stand for the selfish. Which, at least, does make some sense, because Irving has proven himself to be just that: a huge selfish idiot.

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