IDIOT OF THE MONTH: A March to the bottom

IDIOT OF THE MONTH: A March to the bottom


If you’ve gotten this far, then you already know whom this is about. While we understand this person deserves to be on this list, we’re going to go about it in a different way and not say their name, since doing what they did to get on this list is their schtick for relevancy.

If you ignore a crying spoiled brat long enough, they will eventually shut up. So, please, ignore him and stop retweeting him.

His crime? The usual. Saying something dumb, racist, misogynist, or all three.

“Raise your hand if you knew ’Nip’ was an ethnic slur? I did not. Tell me how Mina Kimes’ life was impacted by this? Other than nailing herself to a cross, I don’t see the damage. She will dance to rap music calling black people N-words repeatedly without uttering a complaint.”

“Nailing myself to a cross?” ESPN’s Mina Kimes wrote in a quote tweet. “I made one joke and went back to work…because unlike you, I still talk about sports for a living. Have a great day.”

The response was perfect, as Kimes’ handling of this entire situation has been.

But unless you’re his next target, please, we beg of you: Ignore him.

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