How much buffoonery will UEFA allow from scum like José Mourinho?

How much buffoonery will UEFA allow from scum like José Mourinho?

Leave the refs alone, Jose
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José Mourinho has always been an asshole. Fans of the beautiful game have known this for the better part of two decades after he jumped onto the scene and won the Premier League title with Chelsea in 2005. He’s also a damn good coach — no one will ever doubt that. His pedigree of employers would challenge any manager in the history of football (soccer). Now, after UEFA condemned the harassment of English referee Anthony Taylor and his family at a Budapest airport, Mourinho has been charged with using abusive language against a match official. Taylor officiated Wednesday’s Europa League Final where Sevilla beat Mourinho-led Roma in penalty kicks.

Mourinho was waiting for Taylor after Roma’s loss

Mourinho was seen waiting in the bus loop to speak with Taylor after Roma’s loss, calling the official a “disgrace.” Were you really mad Jose? Or just bored and needed someone to blame for your team’s loss in a major final?

Nothing about your meandering was palatable. Maybe you can get fired for another European team soon, or maybe Roma cares more about winning than how its coach treats referees.

Even Roma fans went after Taylor and his family

Video also surfaced of Roma fans disrupting Taylor at an airport with his family on Thursday.

It’s disgusting, even if your team didn’t win and Taylor gave out 14 yellow cards during the match, Taylor’s human like everyone else. Mourinho’s actions after the match indirectly empowered the team’s supporters to also be assholes. Taylor and his family needed several members of security to board a flight out of Hungary.

UEFA needs to send a strong message about how the tactics off the pitch by Mourinho and Roma’s fans can’t happen. We’ve all been in a place where our team gets the wrong end of a result and officiating comes into question. You can be pissed and think all the negative things you want. But taking things to this level away from the stadium is beyond reproach. Major sanctions should come to Mourinho’s doorstep and to Roma as a whole as well.

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