Hey Deion, there is no generational divide on privilege

Hey Deion, there is no generational divide on privilege

If you currently play football for Colorado, you had better use a strong black marker to write your name on the tape on your helmet. The way that Deion Sanders has the program’s spring practice set up, the players currently do not have numbers. On the field is just going to be a mass of black, white, and gold jerseys.

Sanders’ explanation for this latest attention-seeking decision is that he is old school.

“Anybody in here over 45?” Sanders asked the media. “Didn’t we have to earn every durn thing we got?”

No, your generation did not. Sanders is a member of Generation X. Just like the Millennials and Gen Z after them, that generation was too called lazy and entitled. It is a time-honored tradition for middle-aged and older people to hurl those accusations at the youth.

The truth is, for most people the world is a difficult place and to become a financial success takes a great deal of hard work and some luck. But for some people, luck had a lot more to do with their financial windfalls than work.

For Coach Prime and others who believe everyone over 45 years old had it tougher than today’s young people, here are some people that age and older who were given quite a bit.

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