Here are your NBA Western Conference Reverse All-Stars

Here are your NBA Western Conference Reverse All-Stars

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The NBA All-Star Game is an honor bestowed upon the most distinguished hoopers every season. Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re doing here. Their time will come. However, the NBA’s worst rotation players deserve to receive their dead flowers too. Stare into this dark void with me and commemorate the NBA players who’ve been generating negative plays for their respective (or former) squads all season. These are the players fans wish their teams would load manage.

You won’t find the Udonis Haslems across the NBA on this list though because I’d like to visit South Beach again one day and no Thanasis Antetokounmpo because we aren’t here to mock reserves who could cook me al dente in any gym. This isn’t about ability.

Whether it’s effort, low basketball IQ, rigidness, or the passage of time, these Anti-All Stars, the All-Nosebleeds, All-Asteroid team, or whatever you prefer to refer to them is populated with the NBA’s least popular players. Some are genuinely here due to their low basketball IQs, while others are just held in low regard by fans. Let’s jump right into the Western Conference, first with the guards.

*Stats through Feb. 14.

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