Even good things are reasons for Giants fans to be sad

Even good things are reasons for Giants fans to be sad

Giants’ former OC Jason Garrett is in need of a new job.

Giants’ former OC Jason Garrett is in need of a new job.
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Last night, the Bucs and Giants wrapped up Week 11 of the NFL season. As expected, the Bucs came out with the win by a final of 30-10. This marked the 21st consecutive game where the Giants failed to score 30 or more points. Even with the return of Saquon Barkley, the former No. 2 overall pick, carried the ball only six times as the Bucs rush defense continued to overwhelm its opponents. The only good thing to come out of the Giants’ 20-point defeat was this touchdown by left tackle Andrew Thomas.

Look at the hands on the big man! I bet some receivers would struggle to make that catch. It was a block and release. He had to jump to make the catch. Full extension. Well done. Well done. Big man touchdowns are always a blast, even when they aren’t legal. So, during a game where there wasn’t much to cheer for on Big Blue’s end, it was nice to see something everybody could enjoy. However, the happiness soon turned to disbelief as Giants fans slowly began to realize what Andrew Thomas’ touchdown meant.

Andrew Thomas, the team’s starting left tackle, has more receiving touchdowns this year than both Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney.

Obviously, a lot of this incompetence falls on Jason Garrett, the team’s (now former) offensive coordinator. Garrett knew the assignment was to help Daniel Jones leap into “franchise-caliber” territory this season. However, much like he did in Dallas, Garrett could never get his team over the hump. In fact, the team was downright disappointing most of the time. Just look at what Dallas has been able to accomplish in just their season without Garrett. They’re legitimate Super Bowl contenders now. Garrett drags teams down in the mud with his incompetence and the Giants are just another franchise in his wake of destruction.

Although the Giants were never going to compete this year, they at least wanted to prove to their fanbase that they were headed in the right direction. The team’s selection of Jones sixth overall in 2019, while viewed slightly better nowadays given how awfully Dwayne Haskins has played in his NFL career, is still viewed rather poorly. Jones has not played up to the potential Gettleman apparently saw in him. This was supposed to be the year that Jones really came into his own in a 2020 Josh Allen-type of way. The offensive line, although not great, had been built up a decent amount, and the Giants were actively trying to give Jones weapons. During this most recent offseason, the Giants went out and signed former Detroit Lions standout wide receiver Kenny Golladay to a four-year, $72 million deal. While Golladay had his fair share of injury troubles in Detroit, missing 11 games in the 2020 season, he was fresh off leading the NFL in touchdown receptions in 2019. Surely, his upside outweighed the injury risk. Just to be safe though, the Giants went out and drafted Florida wide receiver Kadarius Toney with the 20th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

With a trio of solid receivers in Sterling Shepard, Kenny Golladay, and Kadarius Toney all under team control, plus an underrated deep threat in Darius Slayton, there was no reason Daniel Jones couldn’t thrive in his third season.

He hasn’t thrived. Jones has just nine touchdown passes this season and has started every game for the Giants. The only quarterback to start every game for their team and have fewer touchdown passes is Jaguars’ rookie Trevor Lawrence. Even worse, Jones has thrown just four of those touchdowns to his wide receivers. The other five have been spread out as follows: one to running backs, three to tight ends, and one to a left tackle. THAT IS NOT HOW THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

Toney has looked great when healthy this year. He seems very capable of leading a passing attack in the future. Meanwhile, we know that Golladay is capable of leading an NFL passing attack. The man had either 100 yards or a touchdown in every full game he played in 2020. Maybe the injury he suffered has damaged him irreversibly, in which case, you can’t fault the Giants for taking the risk. Either way, one thing is for certain, Andrew Thomas, a left tackle has reached the end zone more times than either Golladay or Toney, so unless the Giants start incorporating both players into their red zone offense, both will wind up being additional nails in Gettelman’s coffin. Hopefully, with Garrett out as the team’s offensive coordinator, that’ll become a reality soon.

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