Billionaire ‘loses’ football team for $6 billion

Billionaire ‘loses’ football team for $6 billion

Poor guy.
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One of the worst figures in the NFL is reportedly now out of the league, with Dan Snyder reportedly reaching an agreement to sell the Commanders to a group led by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Josh Harris for $6 billion. Harris’ group includes billionaire Mitchell Rales and Magic Johnson, with the former NBA star also having an ownership stake in three Los Angeles sports teams — the Dodgers, Sparks, and LAFC.

It took a herculean paycheck for Snyder to leave one of the NFL’s cornerstone franchises behind, which he ran into the ground with numerous scandals under his watch, not to mention a mostly horrible on-field product. Snyder had to leave on his terms, no matter how evil the schmuck is. And turns out he has a price, and he’ll ride off into the sunset under the same bubble as Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver, as a disgraced former professional sports owner. That trio couldn’t care less about that title as long as their bank accounts are still filled with more money than most can ever dream of. It’s better than no silver lining at all.

Reign of terror

Snyder took control of the then-Redskins in 1999, seven years after the team’s last Super Bowl victory. Under Snyder’s ownership, Washington hasn’t advanced to a conference championship game. Snyder has to also answer for the toxic workplace culture he let fester, financial tampering, suing season-ticket holders, his love for the Redskins nickname, horrible personnel decisions, the deterioration of FedEx Field, and more. But besides that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln? Bye-bye, Danny Boy.

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