Aaron Rodgers and Packers get discount double-checked in season opener

Aaron Rodgers and Packers get discount double-checked in season opener

It was that kind of day for Aaron Rodgers.
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I’ll take Who Saw That Coming? for $800 Aaron.

It really doesn’t make any sense how atrocious the Green Bay Packers looked against New Orleans on Sunday, losing 38-3. After an offseason of turmoil, you would think that the Green Bay offense would be more productive than your co-worker after a heavy lunch. However, it was clear that that wasn’t going to be the case on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers came into the game with his scruffy beard and long hair looking like he’d just finished a seven-week quest in the Amazon.

The entire offense looked more out of rhythm than a Republican dance party. Rodgers passed for only 133 yards on the day and threw two interceptions. One of those picks was just a flagrant force in the middle of the field that one of the New Orleans defensive backs fielded like it was a punt. To make matters worse, the Packers only rushed for 43 yards on top of their horrendous performance in the air.

You could make an argument that the defense played worse than the offense for Green Bay, and that’s saying a lot. The Packers’ defense made Jameis Winston look like the second coming of Warren Moon on Sunday. Winston threw 5 touchdown passes and only had six incompletions. He was efficient, smart, and opportunistic all day for New Orleans. He benefited from his squad rushing for 171 yards on the afternoon, and letting his defense give him great field position. If Winston can continue to play smart for the Saints and not make costly errors, the Saints have the pieces to make some noise in the NFC.

I expect the Packers and Rodgers to be better than this moving forward this season. There’s nowhere to go but up after a 35-point stomping where the other team just ran up and gave you the business like an LLC. 

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