Aaron Rodgers and his delusions of grandeur about returning this season

Aaron Rodgers and his delusions of grandeur about returning this season

Aaron Rodgers’ first season in New York came to a screeching halt last Monday after suffering a devastating Achilles injury on his fourth snap in his debut game. As football injuries go, an Achilles tear is on the severe end of the spectrum, usually taking at least six months to recover from; even for professional athletes, it can be over a year before they really feel comfortable again. However, Rodgers (as delusional as it sounds) says he could be back in time for a Jets playoff run. Y’know, assuming a Rodgers-less Jets playoff run.

“So, give me your timetable, give me your doubt, give me your prognostication, and watch what I do.” Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show.

It’s good to see the confidence and high spirits following surgery. Still, it’s obvious Rodgers should’ve waited a bit before going on TV with his take, as it seems he may have been a little loopy from whatever they gave him for pain management. This idea of making a return by January sounds good, but it’s highly unlikely, considering the type of injury. Even if the Jets are in a position to make a postseason run and Rodgers is cleared to play, there’s no way he’ll be at the level needed to make a significant impact.

Emmanuel Acho: “If Aaron Rodgers returns, there should be no expectations.”

If we’re going to keep it a buck here, this has less to do with coming back for “the team” as it is about Rodgers doing this for himself. With all the talk about proving doubters wrong and timetables, it’s obvious he knows what folks are saying, and as usual, A-Rod is internalizing all of it. Kevin Durant took a year and a half before returning to the court after rupturing his Achilles during the 2019 NBA Finals.

The two aren’t an exact apples-to-apples comparison, but it’s about the nature of the injury. Durant was more cautious with his return but was also 30 years old when it happened. Two different sports and two different players, but Rodgers’ game and style require some mobility. Plus, Rodgers is on the cusp of turning 40 years old in December. A January comeback would put him just under four months out from when the injury occurred.

Nobody expects anything from Rodgers should he return this season, and he knows that. So, it’s really a win-win proposition for the four-time MVP. Rodgers wants it to be about him and have the spotlight shining brightly as he grins for the cameras. If he does return (which is doubtful), don’t expect much out of Rodgers, Jets fans. It’ll be a miracle if Rodgers can run normally by playoff time. It may take another darkness retreat and a lot of ayahuasca to make this happen.

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